America stands at a crossroads. The decisions made in Washington about fossil fuels, renewable energy, and climate change will impact the generations to come — for better or worse.

Life:Powered hosted At the Crossroads to equip congressional members, staff, and policymakers with the knowledge and perspectives to make policy decisions that prioritize human flourishing and environmental quality through economic freedom and free-market innovation.

Watch the full live stream here or use skip to a particular panel using the time stamps below:

At the Crossroads Agenda

SESSION I – Winning Energy Policies – skip to 8:35

With more energy subsidies, environmental regulations, and government programs being proposed almost every day in Congress, champions of markets and limited government seem to be always on the defensive. Life:Powered experts and policymakers will explain what can be done to stem the tide and create winning energy policies.

SESSION II – Raising America’s Energy IQ – skip to 23:00

Energy powers everything we touch, providing light, warmth, and most of the products we use on a daily basis — yet the fossil fuel industry is vilified in the mainstream media. As access to reliable, affordable energy increases, nearly every measurement of human flourishing improves — from life expectancy and child mortality to education and economic freedom. Learn communication strategies to effectively communicate how responsible production of energy will continue to make the world safer, our environment cleaner, and each and every citizen more prosperous.

SESSION III – Special Guest U.S. Rep. Michael C. Burgess, M.D. – skip to 1:08:00

SESSION IV – Energy Density = Environmental Stewardship – skip to 1:55:00

Renewable energy is better for the environment, right? Maybe not. Despite coming from “natural” sources, both wind and solar power present significant environmental challenges, including massive land requirements and rare earth mining practices. This panel will review the many benefits of dense energy, such as fossil fuels and nuclear, to humanity and the environment.

SESSION V – The Uphill Climate Change PR Battle – skip to 2:49:00

In a sensationalist and sound bite-driven culture, winning hearts and minds in the mass media and social media is the hardest battle. Climate change alarmism is growing in popularity with the birth of the Green New Deal, Greta Thunberg’s school strikes, and other headline-grabbing fads. So how do we push back against the misinformation and hysteria in the media? Communications experts join us to share persuasion tactics to inform, convert, and raise America’s energy IQ.

SESSION VI – Keynote Address with Dr. Scott Tinker, Bureau for Economic Geology – skip to 3:59:00

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