AUSTIN – The United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement’s entry into force will bolster North American trade, support the American energy industry, and encourage trading partners to meet America’s environmental standards as a world leader in clean air. 

“This trade agreement is a critical move toward maintaining America’s status as a global energy powerhouse,” said Jason Isaac, senior manager and distinguished fellow of Life:Powered, a national initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation to raise America’s energy IQ. “President Trump should be applauded for his work to grow energy and other trade opportunities with our North American partners, especially in this challenging economic time.”

USMCA will support and grow North American energy security by maintaining zero-tariff trade for crude oil, gasoline, kerosene-type jet fuel and other refined products, and for energy-intensive manufactured goods; supporting pipeline construction; and streamlining regulatory procedures for energy exports. 

In addition to promoting energy security and trade efficiency, USMCA also contains enforceable provisions to improve global air quality, discouraging evasion of U.S. environmental rules and outsourcing to countries with lax air quality standards. “The United States is a world leader in environmental quality. USMCA’s provision to encourage our trading partners to share our commitment to environmental protection will help create a cleaner, healthier world,” Isaac continued. “President Trump famously said that he represents the people of Pittsburgh, not the people of Paris. USMCA is an important step towards a ‘Pittsburgh Accord’ to spread our clean air and water technology around the world — meaning a cleaner, more prosperous future is just on the horizon.”

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