CNBC reports that the United States will soon surpass Russian oil exports and could give Saudi Arabia a run for its money soon after. But why should you care?

It’s simple: A thriving energy market isn’t just good for the American economy. It also spreads freedom the world over.

There are three benefits to America being the dominant player in the global energy market:

  1. It shifts the balance of global power in our favor. As the United States produces more of our own energy and exports the fuel our trade partners depend on, our interests will take front and center on the world stage. In the words of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “The more we can spread the U.S. model of free enterprise, of the rule of law…the more successful the U.S. will be.”
  2. It strengthens our allies by loosening the grip of communist and totalitarian countries.
  3. It gives us a leg up in trade negotiations, resulting in lower prices for the countless goods we import from other countries.

“We’re exporting freedom around the world,” said Jason Isaac, Senior Manager & Distinguished Fellow of Life:Powered. “Whether you work in the energy industry or not, American dominance in global energy trade is good news for our liberty and prosperity and the liberty and prosperity of our freedom-loving allies.”

Projections on outstripping Russian oil exports don’t include skyrocketing demand for American-made liquefied natural gas, another clean, safe, and powerful energy source that is making our country the world leader in energy.

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