Jamila Piracci

Senior Fellow
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Jamila Piracci has over two decades of experience as a financial services professional.  She started her career as an attorney for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where she observed and worked with the financial services industry from a perch that gave her a wide vantage point. With over a decade as outside counsel in structured derivatives and as a lawyer for the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Jamila coordinated market participant solutions to issues ranging from operational challenges involved innovations to auction methodologies for credit default swaps. In 2011, she was asked to create the regulatory program at the National Futures Association that remains responsible for the oversight of swap dealers under the Dodd-Frank Act. After eight years building and leading the program, Jamila left NFA to relocate with her family from the New York City area to the Houston area. Upon her departure, she began providing regulatory strategy and compliance solutions to market participants.Based on her experiences structuring deals, building regulatory programs, and advising clients facing new requirements, Jamila has witnessed first-hand the unanticipated impact that regulatory actions can have on financial markets.  Given the nexus of today’s emerging energy related mandates with the needs of consumers and communities, she has partnered with Life:Powered in its efforts to combat energy poverty and give voice to the needs of communities that ultimately either benefit from or shoulder the costs of regulatory change.In addition to her client work and collaboration with Life:Powered, Jamila serves on the Boards of the Futures Industry Association, SwapEx, LLC, and DevvStream, Inc.  She is also a member of the Advisory Board of Hidden Road Partners.  Jamilareceived her JD and MBA from Cornell University and her AB from Harvard University.