SAN ANTONIO — Yesterday the San Antonio City Council voted to pass its misguided Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP), which will push the city’s municipally owned electric utility to convert to renewable power generation.

The plan passed 10-1 despite research indicating the plan would increase the average family’s electricity costs by more than $1,000 per year.

“Instead of forcing higher energy costs and higher taxes on the people of San Antonio, the city’s leaders should embrace the power of reliable, affordable, abundant energy to continue growing the economy, fighting poverty, and providing a better quality of life for San Antonio,” said Jason Isaac, senior manager and distinguished fellow of Life:Powered. “Going 100% renewable before the technology is ready is a grave mistake, as evidenced by the renewable movement’s failures in places from Germany to Georgetown, Texas, just a few miles up I-35.”

The silver lining for San Antonians: Thanks to widespread pushback from business and community leaders, the CAAP was revised and became a largely toothless pat on the back for renewable energy advocates. The plan going into effect will no longer pressure San Antonians to give up their cars and trucks in favor of electric vehicles, nor does it force expensive “zero-carbon” building codes on a city already facing severe poverty. Its renewable energy section now calls for “reducing the carbon intensity” of San Antonio’s electric generation, rather than eliminating carbon dioxide emissions altogether.

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