SAN ANTONIO — Voters are unenthusiastic about the City of San Antonio’s proposed Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP), according to new polling from the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

78% of registered voters surveyed were unaware of the plan. Once informed about the CAAP’s provision to pressure citizens to give up their vehicles, 60% opposed it, with 49% strongly opposing. 52% opposed the CAAP’s plan to require CPS Energy to procure all of its electricity from zero-carbon sources by 2050.

When asked how much more they would be willing to pay on their electric bills to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, nearly half said “nothing.” The CAAP will needlessly drive up the cost of living in San Antonio, just as has occurred in every community that’s tried to mandate 100% wind and solar energy before the technology is ready to sustain entire economies.

“San Antonians see through the CAAP’s lofty promises and recognize it will needlessly drive up the cost of living at a time when the Alamo City’s poverty rate is one of the worst in the nation,” said Life:Powered’s Jason Isaac. “San Antonio’s leaders should reject the CAAP and allow their constituents to drive their city’s future.”

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