Looking for something new to watch? Grab the popcorn, because Planet of the Humans is the environmental documentary you won’t want to miss.

Planet of the Humans exposes the little-known but fundamental flaws of renewable energy that the green movement spends billions covering up: Though getting all our power from the wind and the sun sounds like “free energy forever,” as one activist put it, it just doesn’t work. And the eco-myths powering the Green New Deal and renewable energy movements around the world are backed not by sound science and research, but by wealthy corporate interests.

In the documentary, now available to watch free in full on YouTube, Michael Moore and director Jeff Gibbs explores with unprecedented honesty and clarity the abject failure of even the biggest and most sophisticated renewable energy projects and their well-hidden environmental consequences. The movie also goes beyond the inherent unreliability of wind and solar power to explore the green movement’s acceptance of biomass (the PR-approved term for burning trees and trash) and why battery storage isn’t a viable solution — and won’t be for generations.

We may not agree with Michael Moore on everything — we certainly don’t believe humans are a pestilence on the planet, that consuming resources is immoral, or that climate change is likely to be our downfall — but Planet of the Humans is a first-of-its-kind look into the “sacred cows” of renewable energy you won’t want to miss.

(Warning: The movie contains some strong language and possibly disturbing images.)

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