AUSTIN — On Wednesday, April 10, President Trump will be in Houston to announce executive orders which will help to ensure Americans’ ability to produce affordable, reliable, and abundant energy. The president is expected to speak about plans to aid the United States’ booming oil and gas production and further shift away from dependence on foreign imports.

“The rise of abundant, affordable, and reliable American energy has been the single biggest contributor to our country’s economic growth and prosperity,” said Jason Isaac, senior manager and distinguished fellow with Life:Powered. “American dominance in the global energy trade is good news not just for Americans who benefit from lower energy costs but also for the liberty and prosperity of our freedom-loving allies.”

Led by Texas, record oil and gas production has played a large role in both domestic and foreign policy for the Trump administration. Domestically, the shale drilling boom has provided a boost to the economy by lowering energy costs for both consumers and businesses and keep the country on pace to become a net energy exporter next year.

“The current interest in the proposed Green New Deal brings to light the importance of open and competitive energy markets in providing America with affordable and reliable energy,” said Kathleen Hartnett White, senior fellow with Life:Powered initiative. “In contrast to the wealth destruction proposed by Green New Deal, which would have the federal government dictate how we produce and consume energy, the shale revolution, driven by free markets and entrepreneurship, has been a dynamic stimulus for economic growth, job creation, and national security.”

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Life:Powered is a national initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation to inform the national discussion about energy resources and advocate for energy policies that promote economic freedom and advance the human condition.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit free-market research institute based in Austin that aims to foster human flourishing by protecting and promoting liberty, opportunity, and personal responsibility.

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