As mayors serving communities driving American energy independence, we represent millions of hard-working men and women who produce and manufacture the American energy that powers our economy. We recognize that our communities, our country, and our world cannot sustain a high quality of life, vast economic opportunity, outstanding public health, educational excellence, and environmental protection without energy.


As members of Energy Mayors, we commit to promoting our constituents’ welfare by supporting policies that make energy affordable and reliable. We will oppose misguided attacks on the energy sources that power our everyday lives and reject policies that needlessly increase our constituents’ cost of living and worsen poverty.

We pledge to support the millions of Americans in the energy industry, including many of our constituents, providing the fuels we rely on each and every day. We will ensure a fair regulatory climate for the energy businesses in our cities that provide good-paying jobs, abundant energy, and billions in tax revenue to fund our schools, roads, and critical public services.


We uphold our commitment to preserve the economic freedom, property rights, and rule of law that have made America a world leader in both energy production and environmental quality. We will work to end energy poverty and make sure no American needs to choose between feeding their family or keeping their home warm in the wintertime — a choice nearly 7 million households face every month.


We embrace the possibilities that the American energy model will open up not just for us, but for the entire world: higher living standards, greater access to global markets, and cleaner air and water. Poverty is the biggest environmental and societal problem facing the world today, and we are ready to take it on by exporting our energy resources to our trading partners worldwide.

We recognize that access to affordable, reliable energy — electricity, natural gas, vehicle fuel, and more — is the key to innovation and the advancements of tomorrow. We stand together with the shared goal of human flourishing. What starts in our neighborhoods will echo around the globe.