Recently, President Biden gave his remarks on the “clear and present danger” of climate change in front of Brayton Point, a once thriving and now shuttered coal powered electric plant being transformed to a wind energy production and distribution facility. Standing on those steps is not as symbolic of the “clean” energy transition as he thinks. Instead, it represents a loss of affordable and reliable electricity as Americans buckle under the weight of record energy prices. A celebration of “clean” energy is a funeral for American jobs and prosperity and a boon to OPEC+ and China. While Congress labors over climate change bills, our president took matters into his own hands today to stress that climate change is the biggest problem we face.

But it’s the state of our country that calls for immediate action, not the climate. This year, Americans will pay $5,200 more than last year to cover rising prices of gas, electricity, and everyday items. That’s what matters.

We also should be aware of where the Biden Administration’s policies are taking our country. New England and Californian coastal elites are over a decade ahead of us in prioritizing climate policy instead of people. As a result, California has had the highest poverty and homelessness rates since 2007 and New England has the highest electric rates in the country. California was the Left’s guinea pig, and the Green New Deal has fallen flat on its face.

Beyond our borders, other countries—developed and undeveloped—jumped on the decarbonization bandwagon. The problem is that decarbonization doesn’t mitigate a changing climate, but it does result in scarcity of food and fuel. Germany declared that it would replace fossil fuels to become 100% renewable, but after $500 billion over 20 years, fossil fuels went from supplying 86% to 79% of the country’s energy. Now, Germans are paying some of the highest energy bills on the face of the earth. With looming threats of rolling blackouts come winter, and wintertime freezing deaths on the rise, now would be the time to reverse course and embrace energy provided by fossil fuels and nuclear.

Sri Lanka is collapsing, Ghana’s economy is crumbling, and the energy crisis for Europe means not just high prices, but that developed countries are outbidding developing countries for oil supply. Discriminating against American energy doesn’t decrease demand, it just shifts production to foreign countries with questionable human rights records and low standards of environmental protection. When leaders try to “fix” climate change, they affect every citizen’s ability to eat, work, flourish, and provide for their families.

The effects of “clean” energy policies are catastrophic, as are the measures being taken by the federal government that ignore the science behind air quality and responsible energy practices.

When it comes to air quality, we are a world leader. We have reduced the six criteria pollutants that the EPA has the authority to regulate under the Clean Air Act by 78% in the past five decades. Our air is cleaner than that of any country in the world with over 50 million people, including all of Western Europe.

Out of one pocket, we are paying higher prices everywhere we go. Out of the other pocket, we are paying wind and energy subsidies resulting in more expensive and less reliable electricity. And who does this hurt the most? The poor and working-class families in America are feeling the brunt. With a third of Americans struggling to pay their bills each month it’s no surprise that only 1% of voters believe that climate is the most important issue facing America. If only our elected leaders would listen to the people they serve.

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