Do you know where our electricity comes from? How power gets from the grid to your light switch or thermostat?

To answer these common questions, Life:Powered launched a new animated video series titled “Energy 101” to educate the public, including students, on the fundamentals of electricity.

“Many of us take our reliable, affordable electricity for granted so long as the lights come on and our refrigerators stay cold,” said Life:Powered’s Jason Isaac. “Not everyone around the world is so fortunate. Energy 101 is designed to raise America’s energy IQ and inform the public about where our electricity comes from and why it’s so critical to our modern lives.”

The six Energy 101 videos cover why electricity is essential, how the grid functions, where electricity comes from, why energy density matters, the materials required to produce energy, and environmental technology in two minutes or less. The videos are available on Life:Powered’s YouTube playlist in both English and Spanish.

Life:Powered is a national initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation to raise America’s energy IQ and inform our national conversation about energy and the environment. We educate policymakers and the public about the power of affordable, reliable energy to combat poverty, improve public health, promote environmental quality, and advance the human condition. 

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