Classroom:Powered is here to provide teachers with the best resources in order to teach students the importance of reliable, affordable energy. We house the resources for your classroom on our Substack here so that we can update you every time we publish a new resource. For teachers in the CTE energy cluster, we have Foundations of Energy. These modules are part of a Texas Education Agency-approved high school CTE course to educate young Texans about the energy industry from a science-based, unbiased perspective (PEIMS Code: N1300263). You can access the modules here.

We also have a professional development program that is TEA-approved. Because we know how hard teachers work, this in-person experience is free. Teachers can read more below and sign up to join our mailing list to stay in-the-know about more opportunities here.

Key Fact
We are offering two professional development courses! One is a spring virtual webinar series and the other is an energy STEM summer institute in Midland, Texas.