Life:Powered is a project of the Texas Public Policy Foundation to ensure that Americans continue to benefit from abundant, reliable, safe, and clean energy. It is the essential building block that touches all our lives and influences everything from the world economy to the kitchen table.

Energy fuels what is possible: the freedom to go where we want, live where we choose, and enjoy the things we love the most. It’s not just what powers the car you drive or the house you heat. Energy from reliable sources like fossil fuels are the basis for 60% of all fibers, 100% of all plastics, and are the building blocks for the fertilizers that produce food for half the world.

Human flourishing depends on energy use, often in invisible and unnoticed ways. A reliable energy supply can feed the hungry, take care of the sick, and ensure a prosperous economic future for society.  It promotes freedom and independence around the world and right here at home.

The United States, and Texas in particular, has the means to lead the world in energy production.  Through American ingenuity and innovation, responsible production of reliable energy will make the world safer, our environment cleaner, and each and every citizen more prosperous.


The United States has an abundance of reliable, affordable domestic energy resources. Using these resources responsibly can help improve the quality of life for all Americans and people throughout the world.


No country has been as effective, innovative, or environmentally sensitive in the extraction of oil and gas as the United States. Continuous improvements in the industry make our energy and our world safe

90% Drop

Since 1973, emissions have dropped 90%, even with a 123% increase in coal-fired electric generation.

30-year Low

U.S. carbon emissions from power generation have reached a 30-year low thanks to cleaner-burning natural gas. 1