Energy Powers Life

From living longer, reducing poverty and improving our quality of life, the advancement of the human condition has coincided with our willingness to harness the benefits of abundant, reliable and affordable energy resources.

Combating Energy Poverty

Energy helps us maintain our quality of life, and it’s the key to helping those in developing countries improve theirs.

Navajo Nation

Fossil fuels bring jobs and livelihoods to people across the country, often in the most needed places.

Economic Freedom Leads to Cleaner Air

Data from the Fraser Institute and the World Health Organization show that economic freedom, prosperity, and air quality are tightly correlated around the world.

Energy 101: Where Electricity Comes From

We use electricity for almost everything — from basics like running water and lights to luxuries like smartphones. But where do we get the fuel that powers the electric grid?

Energy 101: Why We Need Electricity

Without reliable and affordable electricity, life would look a lot different. We use it from almost everything, from running water and heating our homes to our smartphones.

Energy 101: The Electric Grid

What's the electric grid? And how does it work? Learn everything you need to know in less than two minutes.

Life: Powered

Showing how abundant, reliable and affordable energy helps us live longer and live better

Life: Powered is an initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation to inform the national discussion about energy resources and advocate for energy policies that promote economic freedom and advance the human condition. By utilizing our abundant, reliable and affordable energy resources, we promote human health, combat poverty, and improve the quality of life for all people.


Life: Stories.

Combating Energy Poverty

Fossil Fuels are Essential to Modern Life

Economic Freedom Leads to Cleaner Air

Facts: Powered


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